Elegance and simplicity for a timeless wedding

"Elegance is the only beauty that never ends" (Audrey Hepburn)

This phrase comes to mind when I think about Marco and Valeria's wedding: a wedding that reflected the simple, refined and elegant soul and tastes of this married couple. A delicate and chic wedding, characterized by timeless elegance. Marco and Valeria have decided to experience their big day twice! May 30, 2021 was a special date for them, full of meaning, but due to the restrictions caused by the pandemic situation it was not possible to celebrate with friends and relatives. So, they still decided to get married with a Christian rite on the date initially chosen and then postpone the celebrations. On May 30th they promised each other eternal love in the Convent of San Silvestro in Monte Compatri. Almost a month later, we met to celebrate in the wonderful garden of Villa Rosa Antica, a touching sand ritual followed by dances and celebrations with friends and relatives. The location is characterized by an undisputed charm thanks to the enchanting settings, capable of recreating an intimate and welcoming atmosphere, to cheer the newlyweds, their family and friends, on an unforgettable day of celebration. The color palette chosen by the spouses was delicate but decisive, characterized by many pastel colors but also by the more decisive tone of antique pink. 

Location: Villa Rosa Antica http://www.villarosantica.it/
Flowers: http://www.fiorifrascati.it/

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