Question and Answer about the photoshoot

Below you will find some useful information on the wedding photography services offered by our studio and in general for choosing your wedding photographer. Click on the topic that interests you to find out our answers.

How do you work?

My main prerogative is to establish as true a relationship as possible with the spouses. I firmly believe that at the basis of a good wedding reportage there must be a very strong harmony. I don't like studied poses, for this reason I will never tell you what to do: it's your day and in my shots they will be pure and spontaneous, exactly as if it were just the two of you.

How does the wedding photo shoot take place?

Generally it starts with the preparation of the bride and groom, continues with the ceremony in the church, then with a session of free shots, finishing with the wedding reception in the location chosen by the spouses, the cutting of the wedding cake and the entertainment . I shoot without ever being too invasive, leaving ample space for action to the married couple, who are always spontaneous and never posed. I am a lover of natural light, I use very bright optics which allow me to almost completely reduce the use of flash, resulting in softer and more pleasant images.

How long in advance do you need to book?

My advice is this: if you like what you saw on the website, fill out the form in the contact section or call us by phone so you can check our availability as soon as possible. Typically the wedding photo shoot is booked more than a year before the wedding date, especially if you intend to get married in the summer.

How long does the photoshoot last on the wedding day?

There is no precise answer to this question as every wedding is unique in itself. Our philosophy is to ensure that you can enjoy your day without being afraid of exceeding the photographer's time limit. This is why our service begins two hours before the wedding ceremony, from the bride's home, and ends only when the wedding has reached its end.

What safety measures do you take against Covid-19 during the photo shoot?

Throughout the photo shoot, members of our staff use the devices and safety measures required by the Ministry of Health (masks, hand and equipment sanitisation, respect for safety distances) without naturally affecting the quality of the photographs. All our staff also have a Green Pass, as required by current legislation in force from 6 August 2021.

How much does the wedding photoshoot cost?

The cost of your wedding photography service varies according to the needs of each couple: the place where the wedding ceremony will be celebrated, the location that will host the reception, the set days (in case you decide to also have a pre-wedding shoot), the number of operators involved, the use of the drone to take photographs from original perspectives are all elements that can change the cost of your wedding photo shoot. For a personalized quote and to find out about our offers, please contact us by filling out the contact form or calling us at 

+39. 320 867 7317.