The discreet and spontaneous wedding reportage

Hello! ​We are Simone and Sara, professional wedding photographers. We have always been two sensitive people and this allows us to tell the stories around us in a unique and empathetic way. We deeply love my work and photography, which is an extension of our being. From here the Beyond Studio was born. The premise is simple: you think about living your wedding day, we will take care of your memories! We are convinced that the secret to making a moment eternal is naturalness, spontaneity and the freedom to express your feelings! Our idea of eternity is given by the search for the essence of the emotions of that day through our photographs.

In a discreet way, as if we weren't there, but diligent and punctual, we follow the spouses throughout the day: no detail, no expression is left to chance, we are vigilant so as not to miss any gesture, any knowing look or emotion. A fundamental role is also played by the post-production work of the photographs: each wedding reportage will have a specific color which will depend on various elements: the type of wedding, the style of the arrangements, the character of the spouses. We also offer the production service of the photo album, in the format you prefer among those that we will propose and with a selection of photos that we will take together.