A captivating story, an exciting civil ceremony and a crazy party in the ancient village of Sutri

When Yuri and Martina entered my studio, their enthusiasm and passion for their wedding day were immediately felt. Their uniqueness as parents and as a couple was evident immediately and was reflected in every aspect of their celebration. The civil ceremony took place under a large weeping willow tree, creating a magical and romantic atmosphere that made the moment even more special. more special. The guests participated in the ceremony with affection, moving and smiling together with the spouses. During the wedding, the love and fun were palpable. All the guests had fun together with the protagonists, allowing us to immortalize unforgettable and joy-filled moments. The attention to detail in the setup and the choice of colours, in line with the chosen boho style, made the atmosphere even more evocative and romantic. In the story of Yuri and Martina's wedding, the affection and passion that the couple broadcast to all the guests. The images that portray parents together with their children, embraced and happy, tell of the deep love that exists between them and the family they created together. In summary, this article represents an example of how marriage can be an event unique and special, capable of transmitting intense emotions and creating unforgettable memories. Yuri and Martina's story is an invitation to celebrate love with passion and to live every moment with intensity and fun, in this way the photographs will be able to convey emotions to anyone who observes them, creating an indelible memory of those special moments that They will remain etched in your memory forever.

Location:  Antico Borgo di Sutri 

Flowers: Daniela Luchetti

Music:   Plug and Play Party

Hair Style: Sara Stampella

Make-Up: Jessica Brandolini

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