A long-awaited wedding in the woods of Tuscia

Zoya and Giuseppe exchanged vows in a fairy-tale setting at Borgo Le Grazie, a charming haven just outside Rome, near the idyllic Bracciano Lake, and the gateway to Tuscia Viterbese. The autumnal hues guided the floral arrangements and accessories, weaving an enchanting and welcoming tapestry.The intimate chapel within Borgo Le Grazie added a touch of romance to the celebration. As the couple prepared for their special day amidst the magic of the woods, the towering trees became witnesses to the love unfolding. The joy of the guests echoed through the air, creating an atmosphere that left a lasting impression.The photo narrative that follows encapsulates the essence of Zoya and Giuseppe's wedding day. Each image captures moments of laughter, love, and genuine emotion, telling the story of their unique celebration. From the charming chapel to the vibrant autumnal palette, the photos showcase the beauty and warmth of their unforgettable day.Join us on this visual journey as we share highlights from Zoya and Giuseppe's wedding, where the splendor of Borgo Le Grazie and the enchantment of autumn combined to create a timeless celebration.

Location: Borgo Le Grazie 

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