A wedding full of smiles in the heart of Civitavecchia

I love to define Valentina and Gioele as a couple
explosive!! Valentina and Gioele abandoned themselves to the emotions of their wedding day with great spontaneity and the shots I took highlight their desire to have fun during the day of celebration and joy.
Theirs is a strong love, celebrated in the company of relatives and friends who have enveloped them in an energetic warmth! Every time I turned to take a photograph, I was surrounded by emotions, connections between people, looks and smiles that were never predictable. I will always carry the warmth and love I felt during that day with me. I will remember this wedding for a long time!
The day spent with Valentina and Gioele was truly a day full of emotions, we at Beyond Studio were welcomed into their big family and I want to thank them for choosing me as witness to their wedding!

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