Nicola and Aiste's elegant  Wedding at Badia di San Vittore

In the heart of Marche, amidst rolling hills and timeless beauty, Aiste and Nicola exchanged vows in a celebration of love and elegance. Their journey began at the magnificent Abbazia Sant'Elena, a breathtaking backdrop for their union. From there, the festivities continued at the stunning Badia di San Vittore, a historic Benedictine abbey transformed into a venue for sophisticated weddings.
The newlyweds arrived at the location aboard their beautiful Alfa Romeo Duetto Pininfarina, passing through the pictorial Marche countryside. As wedding photographers, we simply went crazy taking photos in this splendid setting, immortalizing the complicity of the spouses among the fields of wheat and vineyards.

After an intimate dinner among the historic vaults of the abbey, on beautiful nude imperial tables decorated with the colors of autumn, the wedding cake was a sight to behold—a beautiful pops-cake that not only delighted the eyes but also provided the perfect subject for amazing photos. As champagne flowed and glasses clinked, the champagne tower added a touch of class and sophistication to the festivities, creating unforgettable memories for the happy couple and their guests. If everything was WOW it was also thanks to Nadia the talented Wedding Planner owner of Loving Marche

Selecting the photos for this real wedding, my focus was on capturing intimate moments between Aiste and Nicola —moments filled with love, laughter, and stolen glances. While our narrative often revolves around the interactions and emotional connections between the spouses and their loved ones, this time, I wanted to freeze time in the loving gaze of the newlyweds, allowing viewers to share in their love story.

At the heart of our storytelling lies a desire to inspire and guide couples embarking on their own matrimonial journey in Marche and beyond. Through our lens, we aim to craft memories that transcend time, preserving every emotion and nuance with grace and elegance.

Location:  Badia di San Vittore

Wedding Planner : Loving Marche
Make-Up : Angelina Sam

Flowers e Decors: Il fiore di Lia

Music&Lights: Naima Band
Dress: Justin Alexander
Hair Stylist: I Cantiani Parrucchieri
Catering: Ristorante Oasi Staffolo
Stationery: Bianco su Bianco

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